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One of the first things we did when we first opened our doors at VGS is make a music video for Bon Jovi. We didn’t just make a video, though, we made a three-act narrative that crosses between concert film and feature film telling the multi-dimensional story of love, war and, of course, rock and roll.  We’re happy and a little awed to report that it’s now been viewed more than 15 million times.

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This clean beauty guru wants to bring you the best of wellness-crazy Australia.

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Another amazing client, another amazing mission. ONDA our newest client went live today.

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This Agency Helped Design a Restaurant That Aims to Improve Brain Health

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Cadillac unveils film featuring boxing underdog Chuck Wepner as part of its ‘Dare Greatly’ campaign

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We’re proud to be working with Minted a fabulous ecommerce business that celebrates individual designers and the importance of creativity in our lives.

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Van’s General Store Balances Charm, Quirk and Good Work

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With Hollywood Stars on the Agency Team, Clients Take the Call

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